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Shopify or WordPress. Which is the one for you?

At QuikrSolutions, we offer two types of platforms to build your website around. WordPress & Shopify, you’ve probably heard of at least one of them somewhere. For those who haven’t, Shopify is essential for drop shipping and eCommerce types of business. For example, let say you sell a single product, you ship this product from your home, shop, or warehouse. A single product webpage is best put together with Shopify but also possible with WordPress Woocommerce. Now, which should you choose and why? Let’s dig into this.

Shopify is a web application that’s designed to allow merchants to build and launch their online stores.

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We would recommend Shopify strictly because of its security regarding its payment gateway, which is supported by an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate authenticates the identity of the website and encrypts the data that’s being transmitted. Thus, it secures the website ultimately. WordPress Woocommerce is also paired up by an SSL Certificate, not to say that WordPress has less or more security. However, Shopify’s business model is to receive payments through products the merchant displays.
Shopify is also less technical, allowing users to adjust to their website with ease – no graphic skills required. Although to make it unique, coding skills are however needed.

What about WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform, meaning any coding is freely available for editing and adjusting. Therefore, WordPress is a perfect option for businesses and individuals who offer ‘services.’ Services such as plumbing, construction, restaurant, cafe, etc. In addition, WordPress is exceptionally versatile when it comes to functionality because it can practically do anything you want it to do, as long as the developer can do it.

Now you’re probably thinking, which one is better. Shopify or WordPress? Well, both are very good but for different things. So ask yourself, are you an eCommerce website selling multiple products? Or do you offer customers a service? If you have questions, we can chat.


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